Summer Solstice – 2014

We held our summer solstice rite in the quarry at High Cliff, where drum circles were held, once upon a time.


While, many in our local community travel to Pagan Spirit Gathering to celebrate the summer solstice, we still decided to hold our rite on the solstice to give those that remained behind an opportunity to celebrate locally.

Our grove held this rite under a Norse hearth, and on this day, the longest day of the year, we came together to honor Baldr.  There was a larger turnout than expected, and with a  good fire, our rite began.  We gave offerings to our ancestors, to our gods and the spirits of this place.  We held a sumbl, that was led by one of our community’s heathens.

We drank mead from three different artisan mead makers from the Fox Valley, and celebrated the longest day of the year in good company!


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