October News

The Equinox has passed, and we hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  October is here and we have a few events this month, which are listed below:

  • The Protogrove will have an info booth at the 2014 Fox Valley/Green Bay Pagan Pride Day event, which is happening this Saturday in Menasha.  This would be a great time to stop by and learn mour about us if our monthly public meetings haven’t been convienent.
  • The monthly discussion group will be happening this coming Monday, October 6th starting at 7pm at Harmony Cafe in Appleton.  We have both a web and a Facebook event setup for it.
  • Our Samhain rite will be held on Saturday, November 1st as part of Deeply Rooted’s Samahin Festival.  Deeply Rooted is an off-grid pagan community near Athens, WI.  It is just over two hours north-west of Appleton and worth the drive.

The protogrove has also been discussing becoming a provisionally chareted grove.  This means that the grove would move away from being organized by a single individual and instead be run by an elected board of directors.  A provisionally chartered grove is the first step to becoming a full grove, and obligates us to make pubic high-day rites availble for all the high-days, and also to organize periodic community service activities.  This is an exciting prospect and there is a significant amount of work involved, including the writing of bylaws to govern the Grove.  We’ll be discussing this at our upcoming monthly public meetings and our monthly Dedicant Path study groups.


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