Imbolc – 2015

The Protogrove celebrated Imbolc last Sunday.  We honored the goddess Brigid, and celebrated the half-way point between Winter (Samhain) and Summer (Beltane).

Triple Brigid

They are the Brigid’s, the daughters of the Dagda, the three sisters who act as one.

IMG_2054She is the Brigid of the poets; who is the divine spark that precedes creation.

She is the Brigid of the smiths; who works the forge of transformation.

She is the Brigid of the hearth; who is the mother that nurtures, protects and mourns her children.

They are the Brigid’s of the eternal flame, which burns within them, and burns in their name.

IMG_2056While spring is the rebirth of the world, Imbolc is the spark that sets the transition to spring in motion, and Brigid is the embodiment of that spark.  We honored her, we celebrated her, and we look to her to guide us like she guides the world towards its rebirth this spring.

From our seer, Brigid was pleased by our offerings, and had the following blessings for us:

Past: Gifu is gifting or reciprocation.  It’s the ghosti relationship between us and the Kindred.

Present: Mannaz is community or humankind.  It is us coming together as a group.

IMG_2055The Need: Eiwaz is the yew tree, the world tree, the connections to other realms.  Through these connections, we feel the impetus to launch ourselves towards the target and are provided the paths to get where we need to go.  This is the cycle of life.

This is a positive omen. We are growing as a community, but need to focus on our target and use what tools are at hand to get us to our goals.


For some in the community, the week leading up to our celebration had been full of pain and illness.  May Brigid embrace you, wrap you in her arms and hold you in her healing embrace.

May the blessings of the Kindred be upon you.


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