Happy Yule!

Happy Yule to all, and may the new year bring good things into your life!

Last week our Protogrove held our Yule ritual honoring Odin. Outside around our altar and a warm fire we remembered him and the sacrifices he made in the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. We remembered our ancestors, the Earth Mother and the nature Spirits. We reflected upon the struggles of the past year, and looked forward to a new year and the wisdom to navigate that future.

After honoring Odin and the kindred, we asked if our offerings were accepted, and our oracle drew “uruz” meaning strength. Our offerings were accepted. We then asked what our blessings would be for the coming season and the oracle drew “isa” meaning ice and stagnation. Standing around on a winter’s frozen evening, ice and snow were pervasive. While “isa” isn’t typically a positive rune, we reflected upon the blessings. As the snow and ice cover the land to protect it until spring, so too shall this season protect us. The ice and stagnation are not negative as forward progress isn’t a must. We have been given time to reflect, recover and be rejuvenated. Instead of being driven forward to avoid being still, we can take the time, guilt free, to evaluate. We can look within to find the wisdom to choose the right path out of our own Winter so we may burst forth in spring.

Happy Yule, and may the new year bring you wisdom, joy and prosperity!

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