Koliada – 2014

In the dying light of the afternoon sun we gathered around the fire. It was at the home of one of our grove mates, a new space for our rites, but with the fire, altar and friends, it was the … Continue reading

Maslenitsa (Spring Equinox)

Maslenitsa is one of the Slavic pagan festivals that occurs around the spring equinox.  It’s purpose is two fold, to welcome in the beginning of spring and to say farewell to winter.  We gathered together to welcome in the new … Continue reading

Winter Solstice – 2013

Yesterday we had our Slavic Winter Solstice rite to honor the Kindred.  The Slavic pagans and early Slavic Christians saw the Winter Solstice as a time when the world was closest to the underworld and had similar traditions as the … Continue reading