Deeply Rooted Samhain – 2014

The horn called, the drum beat; through the woods, to the stone circle we moved together to honor those who passed before us into the otherworld. It is to our ancestors that we call this night. Across the gulf between … Continue reading

Lughnasadh – 2014

Last weekend our grove hosted a family campout at High Cliff state park for the Lughnasadh high-day. In contrast to the weather report, which showed thunderstorms over the weekend, the gods gifted us with beautiful weather, and we all had an excellent … Continue reading

Beltane – 2014

Another high day has passed for our grove.  This one marks our 6th month anniversary, as Samhain of last year was our first public ritual. Beltane is the Celtic fire festival which divides winter from summer. It was a time … Continue reading

Imbolc Reflections

Yesterday was our Imbolc celebration. It was filled with good friends, fellowship and food. We would like to thank those who came out to celebrate with us. Including the unexpected pleasure of having a few members of the local OBOD … Continue reading

Samhain 2013 Ritual

A fire roaring, a cauldron of water, and an oak grove filled with people. Invocations made, kindred invited, ancestors remembered. The Red Lady called, sacrifices made, blessings given. As one people we honored our gods, our dead and the nature … Continue reading