Autumn Equinox – 2014

Autumn Equinox

The horn sounded and we chanted as we walked the long path to the oak grove.  At the boundary to the grove we made an offering to those outsiders who would disrupt our rite, and as an added safeguard we asked Thor to stand guard over us.  We entered the grove and were welcomed by a fire that chased away the slight chill in the air.

In her shrouded frame, a representation of Nerthus was walked around the grove where she was honored and grain was offered into the fire for her.  One by one, the land spirits, the ancestors and a multitude of gods and goddesses were honored and invited to attend.  Those in the rite went to the fire and made offerings to their personal gods, and as a group we invited Freyr and Freyja to attend.  It was Freyr and Freyja who this nights rite was dedicated to.  In their role of bringing fertility and abundance to our world we thanked them for the harvest we have received.

A portion of our harvest, bread, cheese and sausage that we charged were offered up to Freyr and Freyja and through the seer, their blessings were shown to us.  The Waters of Life were imbued with the blessings of the Kindred and were passed among the people.  Now was the time for the sumbl, and the mead horn, filled with the distilled essence of sunlight from last years honey was passed amongst the people.  We toasted our gods, our friends, and our ancestors.  We boasted of our deeds and through our words, the world came alive.

As the light fades in the world, let us kindle the light within ourselves and our community.

We would like to thank Wade and the Deeply Rooted community for their support.



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