Deeply Rooted Samhain – 2014

The horn called, the drum beat; through the woods, to the stone circle we moved together to honor those who passed before us into the otherworld.

Fire-Altar-TreeIt is to our ancestors that we call this night. Across the gulf between worlds we called to the Irish god Dunn to open the gates so our words and offerings would more freely pass between them. To the Irish pagans, Dunn is the lord of the dead, who’s house, Teach Duinn, is a waypoint for the spirits of the dead on their journey to the otherworld.

We spoke of our blood kin that have passed before us. We spoke of the ancestors of our heart who have passed before us. We spoke of the ancestors of our paths, whose knowledge and leadership have contributed to the pagan revival. We made offerings to their memories, and asked that their wisdom not be lost from our world.

This was the first rite held in the recently completed Deeply Rooted Church Oak Grove Stone Circle, and the energy of the place and people was absolutely amazing. Thanks to all those who attended; who remembered their ancestors and kept their memories alive and vibrant in this world.

— Dale

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